Customized Contact Lens Training

When everyone on your team has a solid knowledge base it improves patient service and builds a strong contact lens practice. The educational modules available here are designed for the beginner through to the advanced fitter and range in topic areas from anatomy and physiology to solutions and materials (and everything in between!). To support the training of everyone in your office, let us create an educational package that is perfect for your staff.

  - The Amazing Eyeball (View Sample)

   Amazing Eye Sample

  - Terminology and Abbreviations
  - Building Block of Eye Care
  - The Math of Contact Lenses
  - Ocular Ouch
  - The Eye Exam
  - Contact Lens Basics
  - The Solution’s the Solution
  - Contact Lens Instrumentation
  - Soft Contact Lens Fitting
  - GP Contact Lens Fitting
  - Soft Toric Contact Lens Fitting
  - GP Toric Contact Lens Fitting
  - Soft Multifocal Contact Lens Fitting
  - Regulations and Regulators

Education Packages
Generic programs
  - Choose the courses you want from the existing menu
Semi-custom programs
  - Add your logo to the slides
  - Add slides specific to your company to introduce the program and thank participants for attending
  - Add images that are specific to your company or office
  - Add new audio to support your message
  - Change the questions and/or the delivery of the results
Custom programs
  - Create new programs designed for your specific needs and audience
  - Develop a written manual to support the visual material and include specifics of your company
  - Develop a Learning Management System (LMS) to track staff progress