Prepackaged Customer Service Training

From "Hello" to "Goodbye" Telephone Success in a Wink and From "Please" to "Thank You" Great Patient Service in a Wink are fun and educational experiences designed for all members of the medical office team who interact with customers. So that would include...EVERYONE! These prepackaged programs come with everything you need to remind your team about great customer service.

Staff Training Modules
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Customized Customer Service Training

Everyone in the practice interacts with the patient either directly or indirectly, making Customer Service vital education for every person in every office. These educational programs are designed for those who are new to the office as well as those who are more experienced in their positions. They can support those who have technical positions and those who have office management positions. And best of all, these programs are all fun and interactive! To support the training of everyone in your office, let us create an educational package that is perfect for your staff.

  - Telephone Training in a Wink
  - Great Patient Service in a Wink
  - Sales in a Wink
  - Handling Unhappy Patients in a Wink
  - Communication in a Wink
  - Compliance in a Wink
  - Time Management in a Wink

Education Packages
Generic programs
  - Choose the courses you want from our existing menu
Semi-custom programs
  - Add your logo to the slides
  - Add slides specific to your company to introduce the program and thank participants for attending
  - Add images that are specific to your company or office
  - Add new audio to support your message
  - Change the questions and/or the delivery of the results
Custom programs
  - Create new programs designed for your specific needs and audience
  - Develop a written manual to support the visual material and include specifics of your company
  - Develop a Learning Management System (LMS) to track staff progress